Who can apply to the Startup World Championships?

From the ideation phase, to startups that are looking to scale, Startupfest has opportunity for startups at every stage of the life cycle, and the Startup World Championships are open to all. Please keep in mind that Startupfest is geared towards startups in the technology space.  

How do I enter the Startup World Championships?

To enter, simply fill out the application form. The short application requires basic information, a description of your startup, and a small explanation as to why this opportunity is perfect for you!

What is included in the prize?

The champion from each city will receive roundtrip airfare and a “Startupfest + Workshop” ticket to Startupfest 2019. Accommodation and personal expenses are not included. Once at the Festival, startups have access to over $750,000 CAD worth of investment and prizes.

Where and when is Startupfest?

Startupfest takes place in Montreal (QC), Canada between July 9 and July 12 2019.

Montreal, super! Do I need a visa?

We ask all participants to comply with the regulations based on your country of residence. If you have any questions, or require a visa request letter, please contact info@startupfest.com

What are my chances of winning the Startup World Championships?

We will award one winner per city (should say it is not a draw but a selection process – this is why startups should apply once as we review all applications )

I have other questions, where can I get help?

Simply email info@startupfest.com and we will do our best to answer you in the next 48 hours.